Hamag Invest (SME) creates Hamg, the new cryptocurrency that intrigues investors

After Bitcoin and Ethereum, Hamg bodes just as well

When we talk about cryptocurrencies, the first thing we think about is the astounding growth of the Bitcoins’ value: it went from 10 cents (about 4 years ago) to more than 4000 euros. A totally unforseeable twist: Bitcoin users have grown from 400,000 users (2013) to about 7 million. It is said that by 2030 each Bitcoin will reach a value of 500,000 euros.

The second most famous cryptocurrency is called Ethereum: it caught the eye of investors as it is claiming for itself, day by day, a large slice of the market. Ethereum is gaining trust both from traditional investors and institutional agencies: at the moment it’s quoted at 300 euros per unit, having seen an incredible growth over the last few months. According to financial analysts, the Ethereum will never reach Bitcoin’s value in the near future, but it could keep a steady growth over time.

What about Hamg?

The new cryptocurrency is an alternative to the famous Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cryptocurrencies earlier described.

It was developed by a Croatian financial institution (for small and medium enterprises), and in the last months its value has grown to be 2000% of what it was originally quoted at. At his beginning it was worth just a few thousandths; currently, its value is around 0.10 cents.

Recently, on the 13th of September 2017, it has grown by 19%: this made investors discuss with heightened interest about investing opportunities with Hamg. Hamag Invest‘s cryptocurrency has already been noticed by the Bank of Japan and even by the Bank of England, both interested in the use of new criptocurrency in the field of institutional and international transactions. One of the strengths of this cryptocurrency (which makes it very interesting both for small enterprises and experienced investors) is the speed at which intercontinental transfers are resolved: it happens almost immediately. International transactions and transfers no longer need days (and sometimes weeks) for accreditation.

A lot of institutional investors are interested in Hamg; a rapid (and profitable) development in its value is not to be excluded by the end of the year. For example, IQ Option broker (thanks to my friend Alexander who knows their financial director) accepted to add Hamg currency in their assets. And it’s only the beginning !

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